The Corona Effect – Accelerating The Move To a More Flexible Workforce

A picture of Doug, the COO of Nudge Exchange
Doug Robertson

Life has changed for us all beyond recognition in the past fortnight and rest assured when we do, at some point, get back to something resembling normality the way we live, work and interact will never be quite the same again.

Those of us who have prior experience of working remotely are already well aware of the benefits of more flexibility, increased focus, less time wasted commuting and the resulting improvement in work/ life balance. The UK has traditionally been slow to adopt this working model with reluctant employers now being forced to embrace it in order to, in many cases, survive! I have no doubt many companies will be pleasantly surprised that an individuals productivity does not drop off the cliff as a result and, in fact, the opposite is often the case.

The business benefits of flexibility are obvious, both economically and in terms of productivity, and now that it is proven to work, for numerous roles, much of the historic reluctance will disappear.

Individuals will also see the personal benefits and when things do recover many will increasingly look for roles which will give them more flexibility in terms of location, hours and variety of work. As a result, companies looking to attract and retain the talent they require will have little choice, in a competitive market, other than to look to the flexible workforce and to structure their business systems and processes accordingly.

An online hangouts meeting between freelancers
Technology has gone some way to eliminating drawbacks in remote working

While some flexibility can exist for staff employees, for those looking for complete freedom; contract and freelance work will become an increasingly attractive option for both employers and individuals.

The move to a significantly increased gig economy for professionals, which everyone has been predicting, will undoubtedly be here sooner than many had imagined.

A recent Article in Forbes magazine states ‘where we once saw the future of work unfolding over years, we now believe that with coronavirus as an accelerant, everything we’ve predicted about the future of work will unfold in months’.

Here at Nudge we are already in the process of developing a revolutionary platform, that allows a remote working option, and manages the flexible working process right through from identifying the need, matching skills to opportunity to managing all administration and payments, it looks like we may be just in time…………

With that in mind, we humbly invite any contractors or those interested in freelance and contract work in the energy sector to to start receiving periodic, yet unobtrusive bimonthly updates about Nudge's development and to register for our launch!

Stay safe,
Doug, COO at Nudge

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