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A picture of Darren, the CEO of Nudge Exchange
Darren Nicol

The first day was all about moving into the Tontine building, in a previous life it was City Council buildings until they were converted into a shared workspace/ hot desk environment. It’s a collaborative space and we are encouraged to get to know the other companies from the get-go which is helpful as despite differences in the business ideas I guess we will all face the same challenges at some point so good to know there is a local sounding board.

So introductions and induction out the way…..I sat at my desk and thought right now what….?

Much of my career I have had someone that determines how I should spend my time, whether it was Family, a Manager or Professor there was someone that determined how I spent my time. Not now I thought, I’m the Captain of my ship or ‘Disruptor Daz' as my brother has tongue in cheek labeled me, I’ll decide how I spend my time from now on…….but after a short moment with my feet on the desk basking in the glory of being an Entrepreneurial Game Changer….it dawned on me that I haven’t done anything yet, I have no team, no customers, and no sales. All I have is an idea that I think might solve someone's problem and oh…costs and as much as you try to convince yourself they are ‘lean’ they are still costs and costs that are mounting.

So unless I wanted this to be the shortest-lived start-up in history I thought I better figure out what I need to do, when and how to prioritise a large list of tasks. It was at this point I recalled a biography of Benjamin Franklin and his daily planner: -

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule
The original!!!

Granted tech and language has moved on but I love it for its simplicity and the blocks it uses, work, time to plan, read, reflect and even time for ‘diversion’(I had to look this one up- todays language for downtime/chill) and ‘address powerful goodness’ (and this one which isn’t self praise in the morning doing your hair in the mirror rather it means to pray, in mine meditate/ think) all of which I feel are worthy in my daily routine so thought why not. If it worked for Benjamin why not me so I decide to start using it in the modern format, great progress I now had structure! So back to the fusball table on my space hopper for an overly priced craft beer….? Not quite, sadly not all 'tech spaces' have silicon valley office chutes and the likes and its probably best or this blog could have been very different! Anyways I then had to decide what to fill the work blocks with……

So I wrote out three things that I hoped Nudge would do: -

1. Solve it- It all starts with a problem. I believe businesses can improve how it manages its most important asset, its people, and because its good to help people its worthy;

2. Sell it- It’s great having a product/ service but if no one is willing to give it a try the business won’t be sustainable and our greater vision of improving peoples lives will ultimately fall short, people need a nudge to change;

3. Support it- We need to be able to support what we are selling so that it not only does what others do but goes above and beyond expectations consistently delighting the users.

Once I jotted these three simple things I went back to the initial question of who should drive what I am doing and how I should spend my time. It came apparent pretty quickly that at each step of the way it is our customers that should come first and foremost (yeah granted its a well worn statement) but it is true, how many times do organisations fail on this? I hate poor customer service, it was instilled in me from a very young age working for my Grandad who truly taught me the meaning of how to ‘serve’ a customer.

My time in the states only reemphasised this and I feel there is lot to be learned from their approach and the tech industry when it comes to customer service. One of my favourite reads is a book by Zappo’s founder Tony Hsieh that took a truly unique approach to customer service or what he called ‘delivering happiness’. By focusing internally and treating the team as family they then went above and beyond by solving the customers issue come what may (One representative even ordered pizza for a customer just because they asked them too) this isn't what you would expect but was it effective, absolutely, and the company has been rewarded for it with second to none customer satisfaction and retention ratings, and a cult like brand loyalty.

At Nudge we aim to take this approach, as we feel that the contracting community in the energy industry deserves this level of service, because, in short, you keep the lights on and as such we will be here to serve you both on the buyer side by providing resources and on the seller side by providing contracts.

Does this feel like a level of service you want to know more about? and join our journey in providing you with a service that goes above and beyond your expectations and in return I promise to keep my work boxes full of ideas to delight my internal and external customers.

Have a great weekend, namaste, Darren.

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