Nudge Numero Uno

A picture of Shaun, a web developer at Nudge Exchange
Shaun Kennedy

I’m officially Nudge’s number one (and only) employee, so greetings from the deep end! I thought I’d share my thoughts on my journey this year.

If you’d have told me a few years ago that I’d be developing software applications for engineering contractors, I’d probably have said “yeah right!”

But following a change in direction, I was faced with the daunting task of getting out there and ‘selling myself’ to secure a position as a software developer. Too easy, I thought. Software developers are highly sought after, my door will surely be getting battered down. Not so, job hunting is tough!

There’s the endless scrolling through month-old job contracts and the recruitment websites that require you to fill in every field, including about where you studied sixteen years ago before clicking ‘submit’ and then there’s the stonewall silence, if you're lucky you get a telephone call and if deemed suitable after interviews….before going back to the stonewall silence… It’s a stressful process, for sure.

Then the Nudge opportunity came along over a pint and all I had to do in the interview was…….my David Brent Dance……nailed it! Well, not quite. Actually Darren who agreed to do it in exchange for me writing the blog, so keep your eyes peeled on social media!

I knew Darren from CodeClan and luckily for me it wasn’t stonewall silence. It was a conversation that developed understanding of where we could help each other out, moving towards a mutual goal.

I have to admit that, even though a lot of my family and friends are in the industry, I didn’t see myself working in the Energy sector. But what Nudge are doing really resonated with my experiences and in a way, software development shares a lot in common with other engineering fields. It’s a highly technical field and securing work in it can be a downright pain.

In Nudge I saw an opportunity to develop technology that could help others - mainly oil and gas contractors - bypass the dull, the boring and the downright mundane aspects of finding their next project. Having recently come through this job hunting fiasco, I was keen to help develop a technology that could help to do just that. If Nudge can make this process even a little less painless, then we can consider our app worthwhile.

I’m still getting used to the idea of calling myself a software developer. At a recent social event when describing what Nudge does, I hesitated to call it ‘Tinder for contractors and jobs.’ Nudge is so much more, but in a way it is just that. An app that can match a contractor with a job they are passionate about, without any awkward introductions - at least until you know there’s mutual interest!

Nudge will do everything they can to source Contractors work as and when they want it, improving their work life balance whilst keeping them in compliance. Similarly Nudge can also offer a lot to companies as a simple way to get contractors for positions, fast and it does it in a way that’s tailor-made to match all requirements. If a contractor doesn’t meet your required needs, you won’t be matched with them in the end this saves everyone’s time and energy and hopefully makes everyone that little bit happier.

So for now I’ll get back to the deep end and keep searching for bugs instead of jobs, so hopefully neither of us has to! 

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