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“I like the idea of not being afraid of letting your imagination rule you, to feel the freedom of expression, to let creativity be your overwhelming drive rather than other things.” - Florence Welch

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Sorry a bit of a Dad title but in fairness I am one now, so it gives me a pass! This month we wanted to talk about Florence Henriet (goes by Flo). She joined the Nudge community after being referred by a mutual friend after being in the unfortunate position of being made redundant from her previous role as a Senior Geophysicist.

Flo is a Mother of two and after a spell of travel decided to put down roots in Aberdeen. She has 17 years’ experience in her specialist field with a number of operators both in the UK and in Norway. One may think 17 years at the top of your field would be enough to find a new role, but these are pretty tough times.

So what does one do, one aspect is the soul destroying task of trailing the jobs boards and reach out to as much contacts you know to see what is out there, for us it lacks transparency (this is an area we are working on at Nudge). The other aspect is what impressed us most about Flo, in that she looked inward and asked what she could do to differentiate herself and offer something different to employers.

Flo’s question to Nudge wasn’t what opportunities do you have, although it was one of the main reasons for joining the Nudge community, more she is adapting to a changing world and wanted to improve her technical data analysis skills as she believed there were opportunities and a growing interest of machine learning applications in her role (tedious link to title :0)). She wanted to know my thoughts on boot camps versus online learning methods, what languages did I recommend and what are we doing in the ML space. We spoke through the boot camp versus online learning methods, both have pros and cons dependent on circumstances, but the key thing is to just…start building! And this is exactly what Flo has done. I just hope I did her justice and its awesome to hear that she is smashing her way through Georgia Tech’s python course which is a great language to learn for ML.

Florence, an energy contractor and part of the Nudge community working from home

Flo is one a number of people to reach out through the Nudge community looking at potential changes in direction. It’s a valid question to ask should one go all out for a switch or develop from within? Sometimes it’s a necessity and forced on us, other times an opportunity but in my experience, it is generally easier making a change from within an industry than a straight up switch. Regardless if you have something you are interested in start as soon as you can as a pet project and who knows where it might lead you, its led me to Nudge and Flo to you never know where!

Florence, we think your awesome and we salute you for starting this journey, kudos! Go Nudge Community!
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