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Darren Nicol

This is my first blog since the fantastic news that we have been accepted onto the Oil and Gas Technology Centre TechX program in Aberdeen in the summer. Everyone at Nudge is absolutely over the moon as it really is a fantastic opportunity, mentorship, potential pilots, workshops, and some funding, it really is something money can’t buy so we can’t wait to get started.

Anyways I think I’ve been vocal about it on social media I don’t want to bore you with it, but I wanted to give you an update, (some good some bad) of what we have been doing and will be doing until the program kicks off, which is basically building our platform!

The build is taking a little longer than we hoped. We did have a third party involved but unfortunately, we had to take the painful decision to stop working with them. It was a shame after all the time and effort that had gone into building what we thought was a joint understanding of what we aimed to achieve but the advice that I feel rings true is that ‘those that get you in a hole are very rarely the ones that will get you out’. After three failed attempts to demo, we exited, painful lesson learned.

So with a clean slate we had to start again, and as we are a tech startup, we took the decision to pull more in house, after all if it’s core to your business it should probably be under your control. Under Mike’s guidance we have started to shape what this should look like, we migrated from our previous devs and set up in AWS, created Git-hub repos for code version control and management, Jira boards for project management, and Slack and G-suite for our comms, all of which needs to be learned and fast. In addition, we have been busy creating personas, story board mapping and creating user stories which ultimately turn into tasks for development.

With this primed next step is to source a partner(s) to support the MVP build. We have the foundations in place and are now turning our attention to gaining access to skills in order build on the foundations and create the first working version. To do so we have been reaching out to the recruitment market and software developers, with the question of do we recruit, or do we outsource, and at the moment, we aren’t quite sure. If we recruit it has the pros of building inhouse capability but the cons of long term commitment, if we out source, we have the pros of access to a wider range of skills for a shorter duration but the cons of potentially not getting full transparency like you would internally, and as we have experienced already, it can lead to burnt time and money. We hope to make the call in the next few weeks, meanwhile the learning never stops and we continue to build our AWS, ML/AI, Python, JS/CSS/HTML knowledge….it’s fascinating, don’t tell the lads in the pub but I think I’m a closet geek!

In addition to the build, we are now also turning our attention to the customers. Doug has been reaching out to his network and we have had some fantastic sessions to onboard clients and get a real feel for what the key pain points are which will ultimately shape what we build. Having this never-ending feedback loop is key to sustaining our business and to staying a relevant supplier of services. My mentors can’t emphasize this enough so being one to take advice on board it’s exactly what we are doing! We need to do this for both Companies and Contractors so we would love to hear from you and what you’d like us to build, so over the course of the next couple of months we will be reaching out and asking for some of your time, obviously if you would like to arrange a session feel free to get in touch on or or

In the meantime, thanks for visiting the blog, talk soon, best, Darren.

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