A smiling Scottish energy contractor doing his job
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A revolutionary movement for flexible workers and the companies they serve

Modern day life is busy, and a flexible working approach is expected. We provide a platform for the flexible workforce by helping them connect with the right business at the right time to suit their lifestyle and needs.

What we do

We enable the matching up, transactions and management of work contracts for flexible workers in the energy sector to make everything a little bit easier.

Our online platform simplifies everything, from introducing contractor to companies, sharing information and matching users. It even has the capability to pay contractors easily through a digital wallet system.

What you do

a Scottish energy contractor enegineer working in an industrial plant

For Contractors

Sell your skills and expertise in a secure and trusted environment to companies already looking for you.

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Two Scottish energy engineers working in an onshore oilfield on contract

For Companies

Nudge will grant you access to a community of experts, find the right skillset at the right time for your business.

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A happy Scottish energy engineer contractor working on an onshore oil platform

For Everyone

Learn how Nudge is saving costs in the energy sector and providing digital solutions for energy recruitment.

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